Dr. Johnston’s Blog and the Free Press

The front page of yesterday’s Free Press is…more or less what we have come to expect from the Free Press. It basically accuses SCPS and the School Board of cooking the numbers on teachers. We will probably respond in the next few days, but in general, I would suggest that you take FP reporting on the schools with a rather large grain of salt.

Dr. Johnston has a blog post on teacher compensation and retention that went up yesterday that deals with the same issues. It has a lot of helpful charts and graphs that demonstrate aptly that we need to invest in our teachers. Dr. Johnston’s blog is pretty worthwhile in general — while he doesn’t post often, his posts are very informative when he does them.  Here is a link to Dr. Johnston’s blog: http://drmajohnston.blogspot.com/

Finally, we crossed over 1100 followers on our Facebook page last week, and we also signed up a good number of parents to our e-mail list during “back to school.” Thanks to everyone who is helping us grow PASS. Please encourage your friends, neighbors, and relatives to join us; the larger we are, the more effective we can be for our kids.

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