Grandparents As Parents

We named this organization “Parents’ Alliance for Strong Schools” because, back in early 2015, we believed that parents of children in SCPS were a group that could be powerful advocates for education if they were properly informed. We weren’t wrong about that, but along the way, we’ve learned that there are many other segments of the community that are also willing to stand up for local education. One of the most important is grandparents.For a variety of reasons, a growing number of our county’s children are being raised partially or even primarily by their grandparents. This is not an entirely new phenomenon – there have always been custodial grandparents – but because of certain changes in society, a growing number of grandparents are taking the lead role in raising children.

We applaud people who, having gone through all the rigors of parenting one generation, then accept the responsibility for raising another generation. Both your grandchildren and our society are lucky to have you. However, much of the support network for people who raise children is oriented toward more traditional parenting arrangements – network of peers, etc.

A group called “G.A.P.” – Grandparents As Parents – is hosting an event on the evening of March 6th at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Woodstock. It will include a pot-luck dinner, on-site child care, and an opportunity to network with your fellow custodial grandparents and other non-parent family members raising children. Attorney (and Woodstock Mayor), Jeremy McCleary will also give a talk on relevant family law, and there will be time for questions and answers, and sharing experiences. Mor information is in the flyer below.  

So again, we take our hats off to those grandparents who take responsibility for raising children. We hope many of you will take advantage of this opportunity.

~ Abby Walters

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