Our Mission
Shenandoah County Parents’ Alliance for Strong Schools exists for one purpose: to maintain and improve the quality of the education provided to children at the Shenandoah County Public Schools.  We believe that, by far, the largest obstacle to that goal is the lack of resources available to our schools, and that is essential that our schools receive additional funding as soon as possible.

While the word “Parents” appears in our name, we do not mean to imply that we don’t welcome others who support strong schools, or even people who simply want to learn more about the issues.  However, we hope and expect that most of the organization’s membership and energy will come from parents concerned about their children’s education.

It is unfortunately impossible to separate issues of school funding from electoral politics.  Both the School Board, which propose the District’s budget, and the Board of Supervisors, which approves a final budget and identifies the revenue to pay for it, are elected bodies. PASS will ensure that parents and others are aware of the positions of particular candidates on school funding issues, and will encourage people to vote accordingly.