New Board Members and PASS’ Mission

As most of you know, PASS is run by a Board of Directors of Parents and other education supporters from all parts of Shenandoah County. We have had some vacancies on our board as two members (Dennis Morris and Michelle Manning) left to become candidates for local office, and two others (Jennifer DiMarco and Jennifer Biller) left us to become teachers in SCPS.

At our board meeting on Saturday, we welcomed five new members to our board: Kerry Crawford, Debbie Keller and Jennifer Kepler from Strasburg; Melissa Sorakas from Maurertown and Laura Bennett from Woodstock. They are all active and talented women, and parents who are committed to the education of their children and all of our children.

For those of you who don’t know, PASS’ mission statement is “To inform, organize and mobilize parents and other education supporters to advocate for our children, and to give them a voice before local government and the media” Two years ago, when we were just getting started, Dan wrote a column in NV Daily entitled “A Call To Arms for Our County’s Parents.” We continue that call today, and given recent developments, it is more urgent than ever.

Here is a link to the column:

Abby Walters

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